About us

The original principle behind EasyImprint has always been about making the process of buying promotional products easier and less expensive for our customers. So when we started our mission to sell promotional items in a direct fashion. At that time, ‘direct’ meant a catalogue and a phone number. We were sure this more efficient and convenient process would save customers’ time and the absence of a visit by a commissioned salesperson would allow EasyImprint to pass substantial savings on to our customers.

When we deliver an imprinting project, it’s not just the client we’re trying to please – we’re also aiming to satisfy their customers.  Ultimately, it is their verdict that matters the most.  As a small company, our reputation hinges upon the quality of service we provide.  We don’t do things by halves; when you assign a project to EasyImprint, we are fully committed to delivering it on time and to an impeccable standard.

We scrutinize every imprint job, checking and double-checking, to ensure that the design is optimized.  We proof colors, margins, typography, and content to eliminate errors and maximize the impact of the final product.  It is this attention to detail and perfectionist approach that gives us the edge – and more importantly, gives you the edge over your competitors.

Let’s face it, ordering promotional products is not likely to be the most important thing you do each day. That’s OK, because it is the most important thing we do all day! Whether you order over the web or over the phone (we’re happy to work with you either way!), your order is cared for by a team of people who will make sure we get every detail right – and they really know promotional products. Plus, you’ll always see an e-proof or faxed proof of your order so you can rest assured that everything is exactly as you’d like it to be – before we produce anything. It really is the easiest way to order promotional products!